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At Kenyon Audiology, we've been proud to call Bend, Oregon our hometown for over 20 years. Much more than just an audiology clinic, we manufacture, repair, and service our own line of custom, In-The-Ear hearing aids.

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Diagnostic and Clinical Hearing Solutions

Our audiologist, Dr. Janet Kenyon, will perform a medically valid hearing evaluation to determine if you have hearing loss, and if so, the type and degree of the loss.

While a “sudden” loss of hearing can be considered an emergency requiring immediate medical treatment, and other types of hearing loss may indicate the need for a referral to an MD, most hearing losses can be easily and effectively treated by amplifying the specific frequencies that will restore normal hearing levels.

Hearing Aid Products and Services

Kenyon Audiology is the only place in Central Oregon where you'll find full-time hearing aid technicians that can diagnose problems and repair your hearing aids. First, we'll examine your instruments using a 10-power microscope and clean them using specialized tools and a vacuum system we developed for this purpose.

Most of the time, we'll discover that your hearing aid problems are caused by wax and debris blocking the hearing aid microphone or receiver (speaker) and that a simple cleaning will restore your instrument to proper function. Sometimes, a component may need to be replaced, or a full repair performed. We will always discuss all of the options with you. At Kenyon Audiology, hearing aid cleaning is always free, and no appointment is needed for this vital service. Periodic cleaning can help keep your hearing aids working at their peak performance.

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Your Hometown Hearing Aid Manufacturer

Our manufacturing specialty is building and fitting “Completely-In-Canal” hearing aids, the smallest, most discreet hearing instruments available, but we offer many other In-The-Ear styles; including Low-Profile, Canal, and Full-Shell as well as Behind-The-Ear, Over-The-Ear, and Receiver-In-Canal models. Since we first opened our doors in July 1994, we've built thousands of custom hearing instruments for our Central Oregon Patients.

Our Custom Hearing Aids aren't machine made or “mass produced.” Each instrument is handcrafted, hand wired, and assembled by our technicians. These are truly “boutique” hearing instruments that cost significantly less than the mass produced hearing aids commonly found today.

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